Styles of Shutters

Full Height

Simple yet stunning effect, choose a full shutter which covers the entire window.

Tier on Tier

Using two sets of shutters at your window, one to cover the bottom half and the other to cover the top half – allows greater light control and privacy. Each set opens independently of the other for greatest flexibility.

Café Style

This style of Shutter adds a continental feel to your home. It is fitted to the bottom half of the window, allowing the light in, while providing privacy at the same time.

Solid Shutters

An alternative to standard shutters – this option provides near blackout and enhanced insulation from external noise. For optimum coverage of half glazed doors choose a solid shutter base and louvred shutter top.

Special Shapes

Because all of our shutters are handmade to your specifications they are ideal for unusual or awkward window shapes and can turn them into a truly stunning feature.


Track systems are generally used for large wide windows, where more than the recommended number of panels are required to cover the window. They are ideal for patio or French doors as they give good support to the panels, without the need for a bottom frame.