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Solar Roof Panels

Solar Roof Panels are non-retractable roof blinds for conservatories within the perfect-fit system. It is made using Soltis textiles, a micro-ventilation system that regulates the suns heating effects. This fabric absorbs and reflects up to 97% of the heat contained in the suns rays, eliminating the greenhouse effect and forming an additional passive cooling source.

One of the main advantages of using Soltis textiles is the way it preserves privacy and visual comfort inside, whilst providing visibility to the outside. This thus allows for natural light to shine through, while eliminating glare. In addition, because this textile is manufactured within the perfect-fit system, there is 100% protection against bugs and insects from entering behind these roof blinds, a real problem in most conservatories.

  • Wide range of colours to choose from
  • Fabrics that enable light transmission to be adapted to suit users needs
  • A real heat shield – reflects up to 97% of the suns rays
  • Doubly efficient: anti-glare and transparent
  • 100% protection from insects in our perfect-fit system

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