Numerous application options and a comprehensive range of accessories make awnings and canopies an interesting, contemporary component of your house. From integrated heaters, a light-strip or the installation of a remote-controlled drive – many things you might not have expected are possible.


Retractable awnings from Sunshade Blinds are easy to fit and so are ideal for any home situation. You can now choose how you wish to operate your awning: Manual operation with a crank is standard – however, you can also operate your awning with a cable-connected motor or a remotely controlled motor.

Heater/light strip

Just because the light fades as the day ends, it does not mean you have to move indoors. Equip your awning with a light strip and terrace heating (infra-red) and enjoy dusk and early evening on your terrace. With the heating system and the light board, you create your own Mediterranean flair. Pleasant light and warmth make you independent from the time of day and the time of the year.

Wind/Sun Sensors

Safety and comfort without pressing a button? The wind and sun sensors constantly measure the current intensity of the sun and the wind speed. When the sun shines, it deploys your awning automatically, if the wind is too strong, it retracts the awning automatically to protect it.


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