We have recently began installing many of our Solar Roof Panels. Customers are loving this non-retractable option, which does not involve any drilling or holes being placed in their conservatories. At the back end of the summer, many were also complimenting on its effectiveness at preventing bugs from getting behind the fabric (a big problem with standard pleated roof blinds or pinoleum roof blinds). Because the fabric is tight within the perfect-fit frame, there is near enough 100% protection against bugs!!!  Below is some pictures of a recent job…



As you can see from the pictures, the Soltis fabric we use allows for up to 92% protection from the suns rays, but still gives you visibility to the outside.  So when its sunny, you still get the natural sunlight streaming through and brighterning up the room.

For more information on these please give us a call on 01534 864365. They are definately set to be the next big thing in conservatory roof blinds!!

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