Sunshade Blinds Ltd have just started manufacturing the new Zipline Awning.  This vertical awning is set to be very popular with its versatility, as can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. It is no ordinary vertical blind: its unique zipper system offers considerable advantages such as greater wind stability, up to 80 km/h, and light gaps at the sides are eliminated.  During the warm months, you can also use the Zipline as an insect screen: open the windows, lower the Zipline fully – enjoy fresh air and still keep the little pests firmly outside with the zipper system and extra sealing profiles!

A zipper has been integrated in the side borders of the fabric. When the awning is lowered, the zipper runs inside the guide rails. This is the decisive advantage over conventional façade sunblinds: since not only the end bar but also the curtain itself are enclosed in the guide rail, there are no light gaps at the sides – the fabric and the mechanism form a single unit, which can withstand considerably stronger winds than other products. So the Zipline does not cast moving shadows even in strong winds.

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