What is Galileo?

The Galileo is a new concept of aluminium pergola designed for protection from the sun and rain. It is configured like a veranda covered by a system of sliding canvases on its sides and is ideal for covering large areas in public establishments and private spaces. When the sunshade is open the profiles are gathered at the sides, leaving the top part completely open. The Galileo’s elegant lines intergrate perfectly with modern architecture and adds value to your environment.

  • A range that has exclusive treatments and finishes
  • Built and tested for considerable wind performance
  • Contructed using aluminium profiles, with steel and stainless steel accessories
  • Exclusive versions make your environment unparelleled
  • Transform from completely closed to open at the touch of a button
  • Wide range of colours available
  • A wide range of accessories are available, including solar panels and lights

Technical Details

  • A completely extended Galileo canvas can withstand wind gusts of up to 102 km/h, equivalent to force 10 on the Beaufort scale.
  • With a minimum gradient of 5°, the Galileo can discharge the flow of rainwater
  • A completely extended Galileo canvas can resist a snow load equivalent to circa 50 cm of fresh light snow.
  • Galileo is tested to 3000 cycles mechanical resistance
  • The controls require the presence of a person with a radio transmitter controlled within visual range of the moving parts.
  • Built out of micro-fusioned steel (there are no plastic parts).
  • Aluminium profiles which have been chemically treated with 12 immersion baths.
  • An external wall-closure is possible with sliding windows, foldable doors, glass doors and vertical awnings

[Download PDF Galileo – Photobook]
[Download PDF Galileo – Infobrochure]